Purpose 9 – Colossians 1:21-23 – Nuggets of Truth

So, last night I mentioned a list of things we could find in the passages referenced above, and I promised we would continue that list today. I love diving into God’s word and digging for nuggets of truth that help me get through the day.

With all the political stuff going on these days, the number of phone calls we’re getting from campaigns and all the news on TV about the Middle East and what’s happening over there as well as what’s happening and not happening in the U.S.- Can I share something with you?  I need some nuggets of truth today!!!!

Let’s finish the chicken nuggets, shall we – I mean nuggets of truth. My footnote says this:

1. The way to be free from sin is to trust Jesus to take it away.

2. We must remain established and firm in the truth of the gospel.

3. We must put our confidence in Jesus alone to forgive our sins, to make us right with God, to empower us to live the way he desires. Notice it doesn’t say the way “we” desire. I have a secret to share with you today. If you live the way God desires, it will far outweigh any way you thought living was best. Trust me on that point.

4. When God forgives our sin, our record is wiped clean. From his perspective, it is as though we had never sinned.

5. God’s solution is available to you.

6. No matter what you have done or what you have been like, listen, listen – God’s forgiveness is for you.


Have a blessed day, everyone.

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