The Seatless Green Bike

Spring Break and Easter 09 042- MEI attended the Florida Christian Writers Conference #fcwc. I had a great time, learned a lot, and met some nice people.

I took a class on writing devotions. Figure I needed to sharpen my pencil and writing skills. The woman teaching the class was very well-educated, witty, and down to earth.

She gave us an assignment which we were to do and read in front of the class if we wished. We were to write 200 words or less about one of our favorite things, and we could only use one syllable words. My first reaction was it would be nearly impossible to do. After all, with all the words available today, many are more than one syllable. But I decided to go for it. Following is what I wrote and read to the class.

“My dad brought home a bike for me when I was six years old. This bike was old and green. It had no seat. It had no place to put your feet. One might ask, “How do you ride a bike with no seat?” (Imagine this one with no seat)

One does not need a seat when the old, green bike is built for a boy.

My dad said, “This bike was free. You can sit on the bar as you ride. If there was a place to put your feet, you could stand.”

Since there was no place to put my feet, I had to turn the bar over and over. He did not teach me how to ride this bike. I had to learn on my own. And so each day, I rode my new bike as fast as I could turn the bars, which was not fast.

Have you tried to ride a bike with no seat?

Have you tried to ride a bike with no place to put your feet?

You can try my old, green bike. I will give it to you for free.”

What do you think about the paper I wrote using one syllable words? Pretty challenging, but yet it can be done.

Have a great day and think about all the one syllable words you know besides,”at, I, as and is.”

Standing on the promises of God,
Jeanette Duby

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