Unforgiveness – Are You Resisting?

Unforgiveness – Are You Resisting?

Unforgiveness is something many people struggle with. We have our reasons, don’t we? I struggle from time to time with forgiving someone who has hurt me. But I can honestly say that the person who suffered the most was me. I thought by withholding forgiveness; they would suffer. But the opposite was true – I suffered and suffered miserably.


When we don’t forgive someone, we tend to simmer  – we replay the injury in our mind over and over again. Sometimes we can become so consumed with the offense that it blinds other areas of our lives. What have we gained? Not much, unless you consider being miserable a positive.

When I extend forgiveness, I let myself off the hook. Truth be told – they were never really on the hook – we were. We reason away our inaction saying something like, ‘They don’t deserve it,’ or ‘They need to come to me and ask for forgiveness.’ I would offer that most of the people I have forgiven over the years never asked me for forgiveness. And likewise, most didn’t know they were forgiven.

Is there someone in your life you need to forgive, but you have been resisting?

You are making them a target of your unforgiveness, and that can be a very painful place for them and you to reside.

Resolve today to extend forgiveness and let yourself off the hook.

You’ll be glad you did.

Prayer of Salvation

Bridge to Grace

Forgiving someone is a choice



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