Verse Of The Day – Sexual Love: Need a Helper

We can all use some help from time to time or maybe every time. It depends on the situation. Maybe you need help with carrying furniture, bags of groceries, or a toddler that lies to run free. Maybe being helpful is something you like to do for others. It makes you feel good. Today we’re looking at the first helper.

Our verse of the day comes from Genesis 2:18.

“Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

Let’s dig in.

The Lord had looked at all he had made and saw no suitable helper for the man.

Enter the helper – a woman. God created a woman, a helper fit for the man. If you recall from yesterday’s lesson, the Lord took a bone from the man and made a woman. The man called her Woman.

As we all know, the Lord made the Woman from the bone of the Man, but he also crafted her differently. God made the Woman with the ability to procreate, birth the baby, feed, and care for the baby. Of course, we know that the Man and Woman have different body parts that fit together for the purpose of populating the earth.

We also know that men and women are distinct in other features, like facial hair, body hair, muscle tone, chest, and potential baldness. Rarely have I seen a woman with natural balding over most of her head. I also haven’t seen many women with five o’clock shadows or back hair. These are things I noticed when I became an adult.

My Bible commentary says, “Without female companionship and a partner in reproduction, the man could not fully realize his humanity.”

When we talk about helpfulness in this context, we’re not solely talking about the woman helping the man care for animals in the garden or tending to the fields. Her helpfulness is a necessity in reproduction.

We have to look at the bigger picture when reading the verse about God creating the woman.

What was the blessing?

Flourish. Multiply. Fill the earth with their kind and be stewards of his creatures.

Like the earlier passages regarding God’s creatures, the Lord is fundamentally concerned with the expansion of life. The man and woman are to go forth and multiply.

We will spend some time in the next lesson looking at how God is the ultimate source of life when we look at the first children.

I thank the Lord he created a helper for man.


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