Where Are We Headed?

Spring Break and Easter 09 042- MEWhere are we headed seems to be on many minds these days. It’s been on my mind lately. Where is this country headed? What will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year? Predictions abound in the news, in books, at the local coffee shops, restaurant tables, and on street corners. It’s no wonder everyone is a buzz about this with all that is happening in the world today. The only way to escape all the news anymore is to turn technology off.

What is a person to do as an alternative? As cheesy and unfulfilling as this sounds, I have few ideas in no particular order.

  1. Read a good book like the Bible.

  2. Spend time with your family.

  3. Work on your favorite puzzle.

  4. Go for a walk.

  5. Play with your pets or your kids.

  6. Pray for those who are in need or hurting.

  7. Clean out that closet you’ve been staring at for months.

  8. Look at old pictures.

  9. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.

  10. Write a letter and mail it.

These were the kinds of things people used to do and some still do today. While they don’t make front page news on the internet or scroll across the bottom of a television screen, they do provide something more meaningful than all of that – time well spent.

In this fast paced world, we need more time well spent than we do speed.

If anyone knew about time well spent, it was Jesus Christ. The one thing Jesus didn’t have was technology. But he didn’t need it because his impact on the world went way beyond anything technology could ever hope to touch. His life and death while on this earth will be forever etched in the memories of many who have been touched by him and redeemed.

There’s an old saying, “I would rather believe that God and Jesus are real, and die and find out I was wrong, then to live life as if they weren’t real, and die and find out I was wrong, very wrong.”

What are we doing with our time? Is it time well spent or are we pouring endless hours into a small screen leading to nowhere? Is one particular video game or social media site monopolizing our time? Are we using our time to learn more about Jesus Christ and what he did for you and me?

Where are we headed?

In His Service without a smart phone,

Jeanette Duby

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