Choices – Billy Graham’s Thoughts

Choices – Billy Graham’s Thoughts

Choices. We all need to make them. We face the task of making multiple choices every day. Do we want to go here? Is that something we want to do? What about dinner? Where will we spend the rest of our lives? 

I was reading a book on Billy Graham, and I came across this quote. 

“Ultimately, every human being must face this question: What do you think of Christ? Whose Son is He? You and I must answer this question with belief and action. We must not only believe something about Jesus, but we must do something about Him. We must accept Him or reject Him.”

From the book titled, “Billy Graham in Quotes” published 2011

When you awoke this morning, you had choices to make. When you wake up tomorrow, you will have more choices to make, decisions that will affect your future. And when it comes to Jesus Christ, you have options – accept him or deny him. You have a choice to make, and the decision is yours.

It’s not a decision someone else can make for us. No. This is personal because it affects your eternity. No one can decide about eternity for you. God gave you free will to choose Him, and by choosing to accept or deny Jesus, his son as Lord, you are exercising your free will.

Which do you choose? 

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