We Could All Use Some Encouragement

We could all use some encouragement these days. We find ourselves in the midst of a major battle in this country. Not only in this country, but around the world. In touching up some old blog posts, I found this one and how very fitting it is for the pandemic storm we find ourselves in. In the old days prior to The Teaching Lady, I recorded a few videos and posted them to my personal channel. Now and days, everything I record is posted on my new channel, The Teaching Lady.

Under The Teaching Lady YouTube channel, you will find more than a 100 videos all designed to help you grow closer to Jesus Christ. I love teaching on the Bible and other studies.

In today’s video, my goal is to encourage you. These days everyone can use some encouragement. While it looks a little corny, I believe the message is right on. I hope you enjoy it. This is my first video with my new camera, so don’t laugh too hard. Enjoy!

This video was recorded in the test stages so the background isn’t that great, but God can use anyone to get the message across.

I hope you will check it out and should you wish to see other videos I have recorded, jump over to The Teaching LAdy page on YouTube. I have over 100 videos for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, we can all use some encouragement. Encourage others. Stay the course and be safe.

In His Service
The Teaching Lady

Going Beyond Ministries

God loves you





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