God Is Amazing

My God is amazing, amazing to me.
He is amazing in the morning.
He is amazing at night.
He is amazing, whether I’m wrong,
or whether I’m right.
My God is amazing all the day through.
He never misses the chance
to show me He loves me,
He never misses the chance.
He’s graceful and merciful
all the day long,
as we sway back and forth
to our favorite song.
The songs of the bluebird,
the songs of the wind,
the songs of the sunlight,
or the joy I feel within.
My God is always there for me,
he never leaves.
He’s available twenty-four seven
and his love is free.
Do you know the God I speak of?
Do you know his name?
Do you know the God I love,
is he the same one?
There is none other
than the God I know.
Some day when I see you,
allow me to tell you so.
In the meantime, keep these words
close to heart,
and pray, my dear friend,
that you will never part.
For my God is amazing,
he is amazing to me,
I share this with you this morning
as my heartfelt plea.
If you haven’t told him,
how much you love him so,
make today the day
let your heartfelt feelings show.
For the Savior is waiting
waiting with open arms
for you to come to Him
and let him into your heart.
Forgive me for the above feeble attempt at poetry. While it will never make a NY Times best seller list, it’s how I feel about the Lord. The Lord has been good to me.
Have a great day, everyone. God is amazing!
The Teaching Lady



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