Great Joy From Pool Adventures – Part 2

Great Joy From Pool Adventures – Part 2

Yesterday I left you with an above ground pool, a small fence, and a pool deck built. To protect my daughter, who was now about five years old at the time, I also made a security gate leading to the stairs. There was no access for her to get to the pool when mommy wasn’t looking. There was no access for the dog either.

Do you remember yesterday me telling you I had a little dog? I had a male Doberman Pincher. His name was Juju, short for Junior. Don’t ask me why. My husband named our dog.

I had no say when it came to the dog except payment for him at the cost of $250.00. Was that a good deal? I don’t know. What I do know is we were both out of work, so borrowing $250.00 to buy a dog we couldn’t afford to feed didn’t make sense to me, but I digress.

Juju was about eight years old at the time. My little dog’s favorite thing to do was dig. Juju dug all over the back yard. The size of my backyard was a small football field. One time he dug a hole so big, you could fit a small full-size swimming pool inside the hole, with a depth of about five feet. Ridiculous!

Memories of my little dog.

I remember the days of going out into the backyard looking for Juju, and all I would see near the back of the yard was dirt flying. Juju had dug a hole so big; I couldn’t see his little body, just dirt. Some days I thought that dog was digging to the center of the earth’s core.

I knew I had to surround this above ground pool with a fence to prevent my little digger from burrowing a hole underneath the pool, so I built a two-foot-high fence around the pool. Surely this would keep my darling little Juju out and the pool safe.

All is well in the land.

One day, we had my daughter’s friends over along with their mom. We had let the girls play out in the backyard. Juju was playing in the backyard as well. When the time came, we brought the girls back inside to eat lunch, forgetting to take my sweet little doggy inside.

I don’t know what made me go back outside, but I went back outside to check on something, and that’s when I saw it – a little stream of water like something from a fountain coming from the bottom of the pool.

My little dog had successfully dug his way underneath my handcrafted fence surrounding the pool. And as if that weren’t enough, he didn’t stop once he got beyond the fence.

No – his little paws continued to dig underneath the pool, and his little toenail punctured the side of the pool canvas, creating a small stream of water like a water fountain. Oh no! 

I screamed.

I ran back into the house to grab my canvas puncture repair kit and, with great haste, ran out the back door. I hopped the fence like I was a show horse (granted it’s only 2 feet high – any stallion could have jumped the fence with ease – I know) and assumed position. As I stood there, only having seconds to consider my next move, I quickly considered two options:

1. Stay outside of the pool and apply the patch.

2. Jump into the pool. Dive to the bottom and apply the patch from the inside.

Let’s pray

Dear Lord, you always look out for us, even in times when we don’t realize you are watching us. It’s like you are the parent watching over your children’s every move, ready to step in to prevent pain and injury. And like a child, we don’t realize it. We don’t see your patience, your provisions, or your protection. Thanks, Lord, for all those things, but most of all, for your love. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Join us next time as for the rest of the story.

To God, be the glory for my life!

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