Thankful In 2020: It Is Possible

I am taking a break from my normal blogging to express how thankful I am today, Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020. Yes, even in 2020, despite the downer news daily around the globe, we still have so much to be thankful for. And while many of the things I am thankful for happened in years past, remembering and being thankful for them still reminds me that I am not alone.

Today and every day, I am thankful for the Lord. Some folks don’t understand how I could be thankful for someone I have never seen or touched, but I can never forget all the things that have happened in my life that I know without a doubt the Lord orchestrated. Those life experiences remind me how good God is and how much he loves me. I am so thankful for his love.

I know what the Lord has done, and I have written down several life events that I hope to always remember with a little help from a pen and paper.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of my earthly dad leaving for heaven. I am thankful for his love, and even though I miss him, one greater than he cares for and loves me daily.

Allow me to share some of what the Lord has done in my life in hopes you will be encouraged during these difficult times.

I am thankful for:

My baby brother lived 20 years with AIDS before succumbing to cancer.

My dear friend, Marie’s prayer, was answered for a new drain field a year ago this month, and I got to be a part of and see the Lord bring together many people who donated from their hearts to help a stranger. The Lord worked in a mighty way. She passed from COVID-19 on October 16.

Red’s life – My best friend’s mom passed on November 27, 2016, and I had the privilege of being there to help my best friend. November 27 is a special day for me, so for her mom to pass on that day, well, I need to write a separate blog to share all the details of what the Lord did during that time.

My friends Terry and Tim – this is a fabulous story. My friend Terry needed a new kidney badly. My friend Tim lived almost 800 miles from Terry. Tim contacted Terry to let him know that he felt the Lord was pressing him to donate his kidney to him. So Tim and his wife traveled to Central Florida over Thanksgiving week 10 years ago for testing.

At this point, all local willing potential donors had failed as matches, but it turned out Tim was indeed the perfect match for Terry, just as the Lord had prompted.

So on December 29, a little over a month from the confirmation, which happens to be the birthday of both their spouses (crazy, I know) Tim and Terry made the swap. It turns out Tim had unknown intestinal issues that were resolved when the doctors took his kidney. Had Tim not listened to the Lord’s prompting, he may have had unexplained sickness and emergency surgery. I got to be there for the whole thing and experience the ups and downs of the transplant.

My friend Ray needed a new heart, and after waiting in the hospital for over 90 days, the day finally arrived. He got his new heart in January 2015. I got to be there for the whole thing, and I got to see the heart transplant doctor walk by with Ray’s new heart in an igloo cooler. Pretty cool. Of course, we all prayed for the family who lost their loved one. Five years later and my friend Ray is still doing great.

A young man from my church had major intestinal issues and was given a 50/50 chance. He was healed and is doing great.

My mother was diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer 8 years ago. She was healed and is doing good.

I had to have microdiscectomy surgery for a herniated L4/5 disc in 2012. Before surgery, I had to use a wheelchair to get around stores. I could barely walk, and the pain was excruciating. On Valentines Day 2012, the doctor repaired my disc. Once out of recovery, I ran down the hallway, celebrating and thanking the Lord.

Through a series of events too long to share in this post, the Lord led me to the house I currently live in. Talk about an awesome blessing I will never forget. It also needs its own post. You wouldn’t believe what happened. I am so thankful to the Lord.

There’s more.

  • My job of 14 years
  • moving from one city to another not knowing what was waiting for me – all good
  • surviving the Swannee River – that’s another blog
  • a car flipped and landed inches from my car
  • money found on the side of I-95
  • Rooted experience
  • speaking at several women’s events
  • ability to build furniture and make house repairs myself savings thousands of dollars
  • the amazing Christmas miracle in 2018 involving wood
  • blanket ministry
  • my daughter
  • great friends
  • church friends who are like family now
  • the forgiveness I received when I accepted Jesus
  • the love I feel from the Lord every day
  • ministry opportunities I’m not worthy of
  • for all those who follow this blog, and my YouTube channel
  • and on and on…

I have so many reasons to be thankful and reasons to keep chasing the Lord every day. He is the Lord Almighty, and there is none like him.

When I scan the list above, I can’t help but smile.

2020 has been an unprecedented year for so many people. Life, as we know it, has changed, and while it doesn’t look the same, we can still be thankful for what the Lord has done in our lives. Many of the things above happened over the years, but I always want to remember them and be grateful still because they remind me of the Lord’s presence in my life.

Luke 19:37, “When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen.

My friends, I have witnessed miracles over the years, and those who are walking miracles today know they are walking testimonies of faith. The Lord is in the miracle-working business, so don’t give up.

To God, be the glory for all he has done. I am so thankful this holiday season, and no matter what the rest of 2020 brings or even 2021, I will treasure the miracles I saw and the small blessings forever.

Tomorrow, we will share part 2 of the Talking Tools – Creative Ways to Share Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Thank him today for all he has done for you, big and small.

The Lord is good, and his love endures forever.


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