Random Thoughts And Questions

Occasionally I have random thoughts. I tend to share them on Facebook with friends and family, and depending on the thoughts, share them at work on my dry erase board. They make for interesting conversation.

Last week a dear friend of mine asked, “Are you journaling these random thoughts?”

My answer, “No, but I should be.”

So here are some of the random thoughts and questions I have from time to time.

  1. Have you ever really thought about what a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly?

  2. Love and hatred cannot occupy the same space. They will try to, but it is much like oil and water – there is a separation. They cannot come together and be as one. Together they will struggle making a positive difference in this world we live in. They will ultimately cause pain. Get rid of hatred and fill its space with love.

  3. One of the reasons we all don’t get along is free will. We have free will to do whatever we want, think whatever we want, and to decide whether we care or not. Consider using your free will to make a positive change in your circle of influence. It can make a difference.

  4. What would it hurt to smile or extend a helping hand to someone who needs it today?

  5. Pray and let God worry about it.

  6. We make choices every single day. We choose to get out of bed, get ready, eat, go, talk, do and believe. Of all those choices, what would be the most important? Which would affect your eternity the most?

  7. Be a light in a dark place.

  8. All this talk about guns, war and airstrikes makes me want to ask a question – Are we all suited up with the whole armor? Are we wearing the breastplate of righteousness, shods on our feet, holding the shield of faith, wearing the belt of truth and the helmet of salvation, carrying the sword of the spirit? Are we wearing God’s armor, the whole armor?

  9. Pray for peace to prevail all around the world. Is the thought of the world too big to grasp? Then start praying for peace in your life first, then move to the next level. We all try our hardest to get to the next level on our favorite video game. Praying for peace should be no different. Strive for the prize that lies ahead.

  10. In today’s society it would be helpful if we all got along. We were all created in the same way. We were all born in the same manner, naked and totally dependent on someone else. Today we can help someone else, smile at someone, or offer words of encouragement. It can make a difference.

I’ve got more random thoughts to share, but I’ll continue those another day.

In the meantime, thank you for stopping by.

In His Service,

Jeanette Duby



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