Rule Of 5 – #3 – I Love Good Speakers

In my last two posts, I’ve been sharing what I learned at a Women’s Leadership conference in West Palm Beach a few weeks ago. They had some fantastic speakers lined share their hearts with us.

The conference called “Propel Women” featured wonderful speakers who have flourished in leadership positions in several different career areas.

One of the speakers, a famous author, John Maxwell, spoke for two sessions and shared with us what he calls The Rule of 5. (See previous posts for #1 and #2.)

According to John Maxwell, #3 in his list of five things he does every day to grow:

“Every day I write.”

a. Capture the thoughts before they are lost.

Wow, can I ever relate to those words! If I don’t write down thoughts right then, they disappear like grains of sand down a deep hole. Sometimes, they never reappear in my mind.

He goes on to say, “It’s easier to reach the harvest when you know where the harvest is.”

b. Clarify the thoughts/thinking.

c. Channel the thoughts.

You have a responsibility to pass them onto others.

“Yesterday ended last night – good or bad.”

The questions to ask yourself about thoughts are these –
1. Do they still speak to me?
2. Do they still speak to others?
3. Do my thoughts still have an impact?

A Christian counselor said to me one time, “A thought is a thought is a thought. We may have a thousand thoughts a day, but it’s what we do with those thoughts that make the difference.”

Thoughts anyone?

Let’s pray.

Oh Lord, help me when it comes to thoughts. Please help me to have thoughts that are pleasing to you. Some days my mind runs through what feels like a million thoughts. Help me sort them out accordingly and think about lovely, pure, right, and noble things. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

In His Service,
Jeanette Duby

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